Wednesday, 24 September 2014

For Malaysia Day 2014

I love my country.
I love the law.
That's why I take the positions/stands that I take.

Malaysians can be stupid, or annoying, or whiny.
Accept them anyway. They are our countrymen.
Talk to them. Gently.
Agree to disagree, if you must, but be POLITE.

Politeness is ketimuran. That's us - you and me.
We are not Americans.
We are not Westerners.
We are not Japanese.
We are not Arabs.
We are South-East Asians. Let's remember to DO and SAY things our way. Gently.

Let's remember that even amongst ourselves, there are differences in the way we communicate.
Allow a wide berth.
Different communities communicate differently.
Mix. Observe. Ask. Learn. Improve.

Stop the noise.
Stop the bickering over petty things.
Stop revisiting issues.

If we want to be treated like adults, stop speaking like spoiled children.
You (and I) change first.
The country will follow.
Maybe not today.
Maybe not this year.
But I'm setting my goal as, "before I die."

I want a strong, smart, resilient, and cultured Malaysia.
I'm aiming for that.
Join me, or ignore me.
But quit it with the doublespeak and sarcasm.
(That time has passed. For me, anyway.)

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