Monday, 19 January 2015

New Year, same old.

I didn't notice it's already passed the half-way point of January 2015.
Time flies (or rather, time flies when you're old). 

The news still carry more doom and gloom stories instead of positive, uplifting ones. Politicians still say things that make you go, "huh?" And people can still pleasantly surprise you, or shock you - depending on your luck.

What worries me at the start of 2015 is that we Malaysians still are focusing on the unimportant things/issues while overlooking the serious/important ones because our gaze has been purposely shifted to the unimportant by others, or because we prefer to waste our time with the unimportant things (because they're easier to understand and/or more dramatic than the important things/issues).

We can't keep doing this and be oblivious to the eventuality that we are destroying ourselves in the long-term. We can't be that dumb. 


My (late) New Year resolution?
  • Don't be dumb - (because I am not dumb)
  • Don't get hoodwinked.
  • Exercise.
Seems achievable, no?

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