Sunday, 15 March 2015

Thoughts post-Malaysian Bar 69th AGM in 2015

I spent yesterday in a room full of highly opinionated lawyers. Not because I'm a masochist, but democracy needs to be exercised.

It entailed travelling to KL with the Melaka group (we left at 7:50am), 8 hours plus at the AGM, 1 breakfast, a light lunch at 3:45pm, and dinner at 7pm before the journey back; and reaching home just before 10pm. 

Was it worth it? 

Dissatisfaction needs an outlet. What I witnessed yesterday was ample opportunity given to those who disagreed - specifically those who disagreed with the stand (course of action) taken by the President - to air them in a civilised manner. And this was repeated for all the other motions, save for the-one-that-could-not-be-discussed. Except during a few instances of rambling or needless repetition, everyone who wanted to speak had a chance to speak. 

In the end, it came down to for, against, or abstention. I have been at the Malaysian and Malacca Bar long enough to know that the debate/comments during these meetings can be frank and piercing. The wheat will be separated from the chaff. It's like cross-examination times two, with a healthy dose of humour.

I am proud of the traditions I saw being honoured yesterday. 
And I am glad the Malaysian Bar is what it is: cantankerous, idealistic, and meticulous. 

Jason Kay
15 March 2015

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