Thursday, 9 April 2015

Open letter to Pakatan Rakyat about the POTA vote in Parliament inApril 2015

The records show that when the vote was taken at 2:25am, 26 of your Members of Parliament (MPs) were not present. 

I am very angry with the MPs who were absent. I am very angry with your lack of discipline.

Let me put it plainly: An MP is Member OF Parliament. An MP’s job is to ATTEND Parliament when it sits and debate bills before they become law. MPs are the filter before bills become law. If MPs do not attend Parliament when it is in session, it is called “being absent” or “ponteng”. 

If you cannot attend because of an emergency, I understand. Explain honestly/Apologise, and we will move on.
But don’t give excuses like a boy caught smoking behind the school hall. 

You know when Parliament will be in session. It’s not a mystery. 
You know debates can last late into the night. 
You know the other side will try to “mobilise” their people if they don’t have the numbers to carry the vote. 
But it does not give you an excuse not to try. That is what the people who voted for you expect from you.

What I expect from you NOW.

1. Produce a list of the 26 MPs who were absent and their reasons for being absent. 

2. Start an attendance list immediately - to be taken every day Parliament is in session of all your MPs and it is to be posted on your respective websites with clock-in and clock-out hours. Update it daily. And do it for your ADUNs as well.

3. A CONTRITE APOLOGY from ALL the MPs from the 26 who did not attend and who do not have good reasons like, “I was in the hospital/in surgery” or “I was dead.” Don’t even try to give me “official business” as a reason. Your “official business” comes FROM your position as an MP. Do you job as an MP first (i.e. attend Dewan Rakyat sittings). Schedule your “official business” AROUND your attendance at Parliament.

If you can’t/don’t do the 3 things listed above, I’m voting BN at the next GE. 
And I’m telling everyone I know to do the same. 

Clear enough?

Jason Kay 
09 Apr 2015

Absent Pakatan MPs must apologise – Jason Kay, April 09, 2015

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