Sunday, 20 September 2015

An Officer of the Court

Being a lawyer means being an officer of the court. My first duty is always to the court, to the law. To the proper administration of the law. To be part of a system which attempts fairness day in and day out. It's a dance. A dance between the lawyers, the court, and officers from government agencies — making sense of life via the prism of the law. 

For true believers, we still believe in the system, the purpose of the system, and that this is better than the alternative of anarchy and raw power. Because that's what will be if there is no law — the weak will be bullied, and the strong will dictate. Right and wrong become mere words, mere labels.

I didn't know Anthony Kevin Morais. From what I hear and read about him from people who knew him, he was a decent fellow. A hardworking fellow. A good person. A good person who was horrifically murdered most likely because he was doing his job. That was it. He died because he did his job. 

That should not be. 
That's just sick. 

I am extremely sad because his murder was wrong. 
Particularly wrong. 
Particularly foul. 
Particularly ominous. 

May his soul rest in peace. 

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