Saturday, 5 March 2011

Alcohol, Secularism and Religion (oh, what a combo)

05th March, 2011

To: Editor, The Star -
c.c. IKIM -

Hi there :-)

I read this first, Need to understand other religions, so naturally I also clicked on the link the read High time to cut alcohol abuse. Interesting stuff.

If you're going to edit my letter, don't bother publishing it. So, for your eyes (and whoever happens to pass by my blog), here's my sweet and short comments on the issue/article.
  1. Sweeping generalizations are so funny. For example, "The truth is that all religions are against liquor. That’s why secularism is a common enemy to all religions.", & "Followers of all religions must deem liquor as a substance prohibited by God.", & "Even atheists are advised to despise it on moral and ethical grounds.", & "All must stay away from it for the good of all mankind." Absolutely HILARIOUS stuff!!!
  2. Did you do heavy editing, and I mean seriously heavy editing, on the IKIM piece? Disjointed is a charitable way to describe it.
  3. Christians, for the uninformed, do use wine (which contains alcohol) during Holy Communion a.k.a The Lord's Supper, which is a sacrament. I'm sure you know the big words in the preceding sentence. For the uninformed, I introduce you to my friend named Google - go ahead, knock yourself out. It's fun learning new things without being spoon-fed. Even if I wanted to, Article 11(4) of the Federal Constitution prohibits me from spoon-feeding.
So that's it, the short and sweet comment.

Jason Kay

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