Saturday, 5 March 2011

Big Sweep lottery gambling

05th March, 2011

To: Nasrudin Hassan -,, and The Editor, The Star


Now, on the assumption that The Star has reported your words and message accurately in the article "PAS Youth wants lottery sales and all forms of gambling prohibited", may I (hopefully) be the first to give you a pat on the back and say, "Haha, bro, you funny la. You seriously fun-ny!"

*pat on the back*

I could type type type and say why I disagree with you ... but I think in the next few days, you'll be getting a deluge of response to your stand here :-)

Anyway, on this issue, Syed Akbar Ali has posted an article entitled "Kemungkaran". I found it an interesting read. Don't worry, it can't compare to the sheer 'laugh-out-loud' moment I had when I read your comments. You still da man

But, lest you think I'm too frivolously jovial now, do know that I have noted that only The Star has carried this story for 2 days in a row; and also do know that I have read your in-depth interview, again in The Star (this paper seem to really like you) entitled "Of V-Day and other matters". Brilliant stuff (I don't agree with you on quite a number of things, but it's good to see your thoughts in bigger chunks and not merely soundbites)

Wishing you a good weekend

Jason Kay

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