Saturday, 29 August 2015

Of Dogs and Walks

If you're going for a walk, 
Watch out for dogs; 

For they bark and they sneer, 
And they don't drink beer;
Which is what you might do, 
After a walk or two;

For dogs will be dogs, 
And cogs will be cogs, 
And cogs that don't work, 
Are like dogs refusing to work;

When dogs bark a lot, 
They make such a fuss;
Your ears begin to rot, 
And maybe you might cuss;

So wear what you will, 
When you go for a walk, 
Care not for the dog, nor the bark or the cog;

Walk as you will, 
And talk as you must;

For dogs that bark with a shrill, 
Are definitely unjust. 

- by Jason of Melaka

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